Cannot upgrade to v2.3.0 because of use-frameworks!

Hi! Great to see a new version has been released.

I have followed the upgrade instructions in your release notes. I have however not added the use_frameworks! line to my Podfile, because this breaks other dependencies.

But installing without the use_frameworks! line does not work either. The console shows the message /Frameworks/ViroKit.framework/ViroKit | Reason: image not found

Is there another way of upgrading? Any tips?

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  1. Ok, so this was not easy at all.

    Adding use_frameworks! is out of the question. Not only Firebase breaks, but also Fabric and Crashlytics. Also, yoga has a bug… facebook/react-native#17274 (comment)

    Adding the dependency frameworks manually works. For instance following this procedure for AWS: But then it breaks for another dependency, of course… (GTMSessionFetcher.framework). Adding all the dependencies manually is not really a solution.

    I hope you can provide ViroReact as a static dependency that does not depend on use_frameworks!. I am sure this is a breaking change for many of your users. We will postpone upgrade for now.