Cannot install Cocoapods for Viro


  1. OS: Mac
  2. Platform: iOS
  3. Version: ViroReact version 2.9 and React Native 0.55.3
  4. Device(s): NA


I’ve tried installing the Viro via the static instructions here (my current app does not use use_frameworks!). When i try to pod install, i get the following error;

CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod "ViroKit_static_lib":
  In Podfile:
    ViroKit_static_lib (from `../node_modules/react-viro/ios/dist/ViroRenderer/static_lib`)

Specs satisfying the `ViroKit_static_lib (from `../node_modules/react-viro/ios/dist/ViroRenderer/static_lib`)` dependency were found, but they required a higher minimum deployment target.

I have node_modules installed and checked the path – it exists 😉

2 thoughts on “Cannot install Cocoapods for Viro

  1. 30 seconds after posting, i realised that my platform :ios was at 8.0

    I checked in the podspec and realised the Viro is at 9.3

    It might be worth adding that to your docs 👍

    platform :ios, '9.3'