5 thoughts on “Candlestick graph type

  1. In my experience candlestick charts are very popular and widely supported, and not at all niche or specific. I did a survey of a dozen other JS charting libraries as seen below and candlestick charts seemed to be very popular. Additionally, candlestick charts are supported in all major spreadsheet programs such as Excel, Google Spreadsheets, and LibreOffice.

    I understand that chartjs wants to support only very core charts and doesn’t want to open the flood gates to every random and super specific request that comes in. At the same time, I think candlestick charts are so common that it may make sense to consider supporting in some manner. I’d like to see a pathway for such a common chart to make it into the core project perhaps starting as an external chart. In the meantime, is there some other way for a candlestick plugin to become officially recognized such as living under the chartjs organization?

  2. We’re just about to release 2.7.1 which has an additional set of time scale improvements and bug fixes to further improve the candlestick rendering

    There’s still some more work that I’m doing on the chart in 2.8.0. E.g. right now the tooltips don’t work on the time scale. I’m trying to fix that in #4583

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