Can’t import a chunk from dll

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What is the current behavior?
I get an error “Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve…” while trying to build my code.

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Here is a test repo

  1. npm run build:dll
  2. npm run build:app

I have a simple dll a, importing 2 modules – b, and c. Module b is imported directly, while module c is chunked out. All of these gets build into a dll, using webpack.DllPlugin.

Next, I have a simple app, consuming this dll we built before, scoped under the LIB namespace. Importing module b from the dll works fine, but trying to import module c ends up with error:

Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'LIB/c' in 'E:\Dev\dll-broken'

What is the expected behavior?
I’d expect all of dll modules to be consumable by my app.

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Node 7.8.0
Webpack 2.3.3
Windows 10

P.S. Analyzing manifest.json created by DllPlugin shows no reference to module c. But, if you run a method of the dll which actually consumes that module – it works fine, meaning that our library is able to load it’s chunked part, but for some reason it does not expose it to library consumers, which is unexpected.

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  1. @evilebottnawi it still does. I’m looking forward for Federated modules coming in webpack 5, so this issue might become obsolete.

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