Calendar and Reminder Permission

I am trying to use Expo-calendar in my project. I want to use the “Calendar.createEventAsync(calendarId, details)” which is working fine. However, my concern is about the Reminder-permission.
I use “Calendar.getDefaultCalendarAsync()” for getting the default calendar id and the I use “Calendar.createEventAsync()” method to just create an event in Calendar. I don’t want to use Reminder, why do I need reminder permission(for ios)?
is there any way that I can just ask for calendar permission for creating an event?

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  1. I’m a little bit confused about this issue.

    I’ve created a demo that should explain everything 😉—demo

    The one certain thing is that we have a bug in our documentation – to get all calendars you need to have all permissions or pass entity type to Calendar.getDefaultCalendarAsync.

    On the screenshots, you can see, that I’ve managed to create a new calendar and event without reminders permission.