Bypassing gray blank screen, white splash screen problems….

Hello Ionic team.
Thanks for all your efforts so far!

As you guys already know, every apps built on Cordova gets problems with blank gray screen and white splash screen on starting an app.
I tested Ionic apps, Apache Cordova apps, they showed this same behavior… which other apps built on Java & C# don’t have.

Is it possible for you guys to make a splash screen plug-in which will display an HTML page & CSS as main splash screen that will show up on start of ionic app? ideally with ability to control its display time?
This update will be really essential.

Please try to test Ionic apps or any apps built on Cordova on a little bit older smartphones from 2014. You guys will see they all have gray blank screen problem or white splash screens on start up. This 2-3 second long gray blank screen can’t be removed!
We need something that can hide or bypass them.

Please release an HTML splash screen plugin along with Ionic 4 update.
It looks like some high end smartphones bypass this issue but apparently not all smartphones. If you guys can’t observe this behavior on your smartphones, try to search ‘ionic white screen’, ‘ionic gray screen’ on google. There are so many people troubled with this same issue. That is not a coincidence. I’m testing on HTC 710c smartphone running Android v5.0. Every apps built on Ionic and Cordova is showing the same problem. 710c is still a decent quad-core CPU android smartphone which can run the majority of demanding 3D game apps. It can run those 3D game apps without gray blank screen or splash screen issues.

I would love to see Ionic 4 fix that problem permanently. Splash screen errors are really critical and they degrade quality of cordova apps. and this is about time to totally remove that problem.

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