bug: scroll assist not positioning correctly

Bug Report

Ionic version:
[x] 5.x (especially 5.2.3)

Current behavior:
While scroll-assist was recently improved to position inputs more precise it also introduces a problem when the keyboard height is corrected shortly after the first “keyboardWillShow” event.

  • In my case I tap into a normal input field => ion-content scrolls to the correct position respecting keyboard height.

  • Then I tap on a password field => ion-content scrolls to the correct position first, but 30ms later iOS detects that it could offer me to choose a saved password and adds a password bar above the keyboard that now covers the input field.

Expected behavior:
I would expext the scroll-assist to wait for around 100ms if a second “keyboardWillShow” event will correct the keyboard height because of a input suggestion bar.

Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 11 13 38

Alternatively the input field could be positioned 50px to the top which would cover most cases and make the next field that needs to be filled out visible as well.

Steps to reproduce:
(Note: the black area below “Password” actually covering the complete password input including the caret is the password keyboard with suggestion bar which is excluded from screen recording by iOS)
Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 1 39 10 PM

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  1. Thanks. It looks like the webview is only resized after the “Passwords” bar appears, so Ionic Framework should wait for that as well. I will make a fix.