Bug: mid never defined when passing `amd {request}` to `externals` callback in v3

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What is the current behavior?

Using webpack 3.10.0, when specifying the type as “amd” from within an externals function in the configuration, a module that exports __WEBPACK_EXTERNAL_MODULE_{id}__ is defined, but that constant is not included in the UMD wrapper arguments.

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webpack config
build output

The only module being bundled is the following src/main.js:


When viewing in the browser, the error message Uncaught ReferenceError: __WEBPACK_EXTERNAL_MODULE_1__ is not defined is logged to the console. If the amd type is excluded from the string passed to the externals callback, then 'some/amd/dep' is correctly passed in through define/require calls in the UMD wrapper. However, my guess is that specifying the amd type explicitly is supposed to work as well like it does in version 2.

What is the expected behavior?

The AMD module would be injected to the AMD define in the UMD wrapper, with the __WEBPACK_EXTERNAL_MODULE_{id}__ included as one of the wrapper’s arguments.

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  • Webpack 3.10.0
  • Node.js 8.9.1
  • npm 5.5.1
  • Chrome 63.0
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13.2

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Bug: mid never defined when passing `amd {request}` to `externals` callback in v3

  1. You can’t use a AMD external with an UMD library. Use an UMD external instead.

    		externals: [
    			function (context, request, callback) {
    				if (request === 'some/amd/dep') {
    					return callback(null, {
    						amd: 'some/amd/dep',
    						commonjs2: 'some/cjs/dep',
    						commonjs: 'some/cjs/dep',
    						root: 'some_global_var',

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