Block-Editor: Missing DOMRect polyfill for IE 11

@ockham @gwwar and @kwight were investigating E2E failures and noticed that we’re missing the DOMRect polyfill in IE11.

This will cause several JS errors to fire as folks interact with a block toolbar in the block-editor when using IE11

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 3 05 32 PM

  • Please add back the polyfill as a quickfix similar to D39800-code (D40956-code)
  • File an issue upstream to Gutenberg core project since this also appears to be missing in Gutenberg 7.8 (WordPress/gutenberg#21185)
  • Add back block editor E2E test to IE11 canaries (removed in #40510 to unblock PRs) (#40517)

Related: WordPress/gutenberg#20110

1 thought on “Block-Editor: Missing DOMRect polyfill for IE 11

  1. In order to unblock other PRs, I removed the failing test from the IE11 canaries in #40510 while we fix this.

    Please add it back once the polyfill has been included.

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