Blender exporter sucks

So i wrote yet another new one. It is at about 700 lines, supports meshes, lights, and very limited armature based animations.

Mostly it is worse than the existing exporter, but the benefits are:

  1. faster
  2. exported models dont need to be rotated 90 the around y
    2a) scenes look the same in blender and threejs immediately
  3. only includes actions the armature has bones on that are affected by the ani
    3a) complex rigs anims work better through the existing exporter (IK for instance)
  4. smaller – single file – code that can be distributed in blender files and not a seperate addon
  5. 10 lines of code to upload the scene to a server along with the local file
  6. easier to understand and customise


  1. only one method of animations supported – no morph targets
  2. IK in rigs doesnt translate
  3. written by one guy in 1.5 weeks and he isn’t the best programmer ever
  4. assumes the entire scene is exported always
  5. feels like 1990s c code

Anybody interested in making it better?
Anybody interested in me making it public?

Right now I’m trying to get it exporting the materials as opengl shaders, dunno how it will work when done, if at all, but thought itd be better because we could use any material type from blender and not just the builtin ones or hard to use custom shaders.

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2 thoughts on “Blender exporter sucks

  1. IK in rigs doesnt translate

    This has never worked as far as I am aware. I think my animator over in Europe may have literally killed himself because of this. Each animation took forever and was at best “meh”. After about 200 animations he disappeared. Payed him well too.

  2. @titansoftime I am adding support to a fork of the exporter for auto Baking NLA Actions. This should enable some of the more complex IK rigs to export working animations. Just a heads up.

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