Audio on Safari / IOS not working

var audiolistener = new THREE.AudioListener();
camera.add( me.audiolistener );

var sound = new THREE.Audio( audiolistener );
	var audioLoader = new THREE.AudioLoader();
	audioLoader.load( 'SOMEAUDIO.wav', function( buffer ) {
	sound.setBuffer( buffer );

this works on android browsers, and desktop

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1 thought on “Audio on Safari / IOS not working

  1. i just spent a lot of time figuring this out because i want to use positional audio for a web project and finally got it working, so i figured i’d share here since this got me going in the right direction. basically the source comes from the audioListener context.

    this is in my init function:

    function playSound() {
      audioLoader.load("clips/theme_80.mp3", function(buffer) {
        sound.setBuffer( buffer );
        sound.setRefDistance( 20 );;
      var source = listener.context.createBufferSource();
    window.addEventListener('touchstart', playSound);
    document.addEventListener('click', playSound);

    seems to work on mobile safari and chrome, though only tested on my iphone.

    here’s the test version:

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