Atom UI Seems to be blurry over all for some reason??

Ok so this seems to happen randomly, but more recently its been consistent.
The Atom UI gets blurry, as you can see in the image. The code is shown crisp in the top part, but blurry in the bottom part. I tried changing the theme, but no difference (Default light and dark themes).

It gets clearer when I hover mouse over an element of the UI or a part of the code, and get blurrier and blurrier as I pull the mouse away from that element or part of code.

I’ve check the windows display settings and the DPI is set to 100%% only.

screenshot 78

Running on Latest windows 10, 1080p 60hz screen.
Asus ROG g751jy


Version —-
Atom : 1.28.0
Electron: 2.0.3
Chrome : 61.0.3163.100
Node : 8.9.3

Debugging —–
Safe Mode : Tried , getting the same result with UI elements, but code if fine. Then again as i said this issue seems to be pretty random.
Other debugging suggestions such as clearing saved state etc. didn’t seem relevant to this issue.
There are no incompatible packages. And all packages are up to date

Disabling GPU seems to have done the trick, but I think its best to check it for a few days, as agagin, it a pretty random issue. Though it seems that This would be a permanent solution 🙂
Thank you for directing me to the GPU debugging suggestion.

PS : Any specific reason that this is happening on my GPU? Its a pretty powerful card GTX 980M (4GB). At least for running atom it is. Can it be caused because of certain change in GPU settings?? because this is happening only since a few days. Previously, since the past year or so that I have been using Atom io, atom never had this issue on this machine. Any ideas?

Also, am I loosing anything by disabling GPU?

Bhavil Jain

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  1. I’ve commented on this in another thread, but the only way I can get this to stop is by passing the --disable-gpu flag when starting atom from the command line (open command prompt, cd to working direcotry, atom . --disable-gpu).

    I’ve attempted all other suggested fixes and nothing works (including the “let windows fix blurry apps” in system settings).

    This is not confined to Atom, I also see it with the GOG Galaxy app.