Atom shell processes sticking around when app closed (Windows)

I’ve started to develop a simple application, not much beyond a Hello, World at this point. As I work through my Atom-Shell learning curve I am noticing that Atom Shell processes are sticking around when I close my app. I’m not really sure how to properly report this. I’m working with some very basic code that doesn’t do a whole lot yet Atom-Shell processes are sticking around at random times even when I close the application. I noticed this by looking at Task Manager.

1 thought on “Atom shell processes sticking around when app closed (Windows)

  1. Just for notice, in atom-shell app would not quit automatically when the last window was closed, you need to explicitly call app.quit() to exit, like this:

    app.on('window-all-closed', function() {

    And if you see atom-shell’s processes still alive, you can use Process Explorer to inspect their command lines and stack traces, which can give useful information on debugging possible bugs.

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