Atom opens without any panes.



Opening atom after updating to 1.18 results in a window without any panes or the dir tree. It is not a new window, it was opened with atom . with pwd set to a project dir.

Steps to Reproduce

  • update to 1.18.0
  • atom . in project dir

Expected behavior:

  • i’d expect a usable code editor with panes.

Actual behavior:

  • no panes or dir tree

Reproduces how often:



Atom : 1.18.0
Electron: 1.3.15
Chrome : 52.0.2743.82
Node : 6.5.0

apm 1.18.1
npm 3.10.10
node 6.9.5 x64
python 2.7.10
git 2.13.1

OSX 10.11.6

Additional Information

1 possible answer(s) on “Atom opens without any panes.

  1. Is there a file which stores which panes are open for a certain dir? Might be fixed by resetting that.

    If you still have trouble in safe mode then clearing saved state is another option to try – you can clear saved state as detailed in our docs:

    But note that you’ll lose any unsaved data across all projects in the process and it clears all saved state – the command doesn’t have fine grained controls to only clear some saved state like the state of 1 particular project.