Atom Helper using 100%%+ of CPU



Atom Helper is using 100%%+ of my CPU. It was doing this while Atom was idle, but I solved that by disabling Github integration. But now, even just scrolling down an HTML file brings Atom Helper’s CPU usage back up to 100%%+

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Run Atom with Github integration disabled
  2. Open a file
  3. CPU usage skyrockets

Expected behavior: Very low to 0%% CPU usage from Atom Helper

Actual behavior: Extremely high usage

Reproduces how often: Always


Atom: 1.28.0
APM: 1.19.0
OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

Additional Information

I only have the core packages because I also did a fresh install to try to solve this.

10 thoughts on “Atom Helper using 100%%+ of CPU

  1. @Dhrumin-Shah thanks for the update. Did you intentionally create the .git directory in this location? To resolve the high CPU usage issue, you will either need to rename that .git directory or move it to a new location outside of your home directory using the mv command:

    mv ~/.git > ~/.git_backup
    mv ~/.git > ~/path/to/another/directory/.git

    Let me know if that does not resolve this issue for you.

  2. How does one fully delete their local git directory or repository? I’ve used git in the past but i dont need it now so i would like to get it off my computer

  3. I’ll add to the list. Atom helper is often pegging my CPU terribly on a Mac. I have no .git in my home directory. I have also tried using atom --safe. This is a problem that has been getting worse and worse from what I can see and what I have experienced.

  4. This issue appears to be a regression. Since this version Atom is eating my CPU badly!

    Here’s example of the process hogging the CPU

    4637M 62744 ?  0.0  0.7  0:07.07 Atom Helper --type=gpu-process  \
    --enable-features=SharedArrayBuffer --disable-features=MacV2Sandbox \
    --no-sandbox --gpu-preferences=KAAAAAAAAACAAAAAAQAAKAAAA[truncated] \

    Please reopen and fix! Here are my specs:

    Atom    : 1.42.0
    Electron: 4.2.7
    Chrome  : 69.0.3497.128
    Node    : 10.11.0
    OS: MacOS 10.14.3
  5. I am seeing this too. It’s not stopping and it’s making Atom unusable.

    Restarting doesn’t matter – Atom Helper goes back to 100%%