Atom 1.28.0 won’t open on OS X 10.9.5


Atom 1.28.0 won’t open.
1.27.2 opens without errors.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open Atom 1.28.0 by any method (including command line, including atom --safe, even including atom --version)

  2. This error window is shown
    screen shot 2018-06-26 at 13 28 25

  3. Most relevant lines from error reporter:
    Perhaps this is an issue with moving to Electron 2?

    Crashed Thread:  0
    Exception Type:  EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000
    Application Specific Information:
    dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries
    Dyld Error Message:
      Library not loaded: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreBluetooth.framework/Versions/A/CoreBluetooth
      Referenced from: /Applications/ Framework.framework/Versions/A/Electron Framework
      Reason: image not found
  4. Re-install 1.27.2. Atom opens as expected.

Expected behavior: Atom opens (or reports version, etc.)

Actual behavior: The system displays the above error message

Reproduces how often: 100%%


  • atom --version errors, but this is with 1.28.0
  • apm --version returns 1.19.0
  • Mac OS X 10.9.5

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