Atom 1.28.0 – haml files crash the editor



I’ve been seeing intermittent crashes. When atom crashes, I end up having to clear the window state to get it back (it crashes on start until that).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open atom
  2. Open several (somewhere between 5 and 8) haml files

Expected behavior: Atom is stable

Actual behavior: Atom crashes

Reproduces how often:
I can reproduce this 100%% of the time. Immediately after a crash, atom crashes on launch in safe mode or normal mode until I clear the window state.


You can get this information from copy and pasting the output of atom --version and apm --version from the command line. Also, please include the OS and what version of the OS you’re running.

My full settings:

Additional Information

Because the crash happens so infrequently (about once every 2-5 hours), I’ve only reproduced it for my main work project, which is a ruby and rails app (single top level git folder).

Atom has only started crashing this way since I installed 1.28.0 (stable)

When it crashes, I only rarely get an actual crash dump. I’ll email you the crash logs.

I tried debugging in visual studio, and it was usually corrupted heap errors

This will occasionally occur when I try to open a new file by double clicking it from the tree-view. I’m not sure if that’s coincidence, but it’s happened a few times (different files each time)

1 possible answer(s) on “Atom 1.28.0 – haml files crash the editor

  1. I think 1.28.1 may have fixed the issue for me. I have tried both safe mode and not on both the Brevidy repo and my work app’s repo, and nothing I do seems to reproduce the crash.

    I’m going to close this issue for now, and I’ll re-open if the current status changes.