3 thoughts on “AnimationMixer AnimationClip, AnimationAction missing in doc

  1. Docs would be SUPER helpful, I’ve been stuck at 72 for quite some time now (granted I love 72, so no worries).

    I have 74 kinda working but blending seems to be a little buggy in situations it didn’t used to be before the new animation system. I could also be doing something wrong with this new api, without docs I’m not sure.

    I know it’s a long shot but it would be awesome if there were some more advanced examples, such as; multiple meshes, multiple meshes of both shared and non-shared geometries, multiple meshes shared/non-shared with out of sync animations (trees all waving in sync looks terribly synthetic) and of course examples of these using blending. I have most of these working, but I’m not sure if I am doing so in the most optimized manner. It feels like I am creating a lot of redundant animation/mixer/clip objects.

    Could be a red herring but I noticed the “bugginess” I referred to while utilizing the oncomplete event. Example; On completion of an ‘attack’ animation the oncomplete event would then blend into the ‘idle’ animation. Previously I just modded the thee.js animation function to include a callback on ‘stop’, that worked perfectly for me.

    So.. that’s things from my perspective.

    Got to say again, I love 72, I was able to convert all my objects into buffergeometry saving me TONS of memory. Awesome =]

  2. The JSON loader, when loading a rig from Blender, exports mesh.geometry.animations an an array of AnimationClips. These still aren’t documented yet are coming out of the core of Three.js. Is this the right way to load rigged Blender animations? Or is there another way?

    PS Could we require PRs to have docs before they’re merged? This isn’t the only instance of missing docs across multiple releases 🙁

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