Animation triggering while hovering the graph

Hi guys!

The issue is referring to that topic: #3169
where @etimberg explained the possible solution but it didn’t work.
So the thing is, while I am hovering the graph, I get onProgress callback executed 22 times (depending on duration of animation I think).
One possibility was that:
options: { hover: { mode: false } }
but unfortunately it doesn’t work, I still get that method executed.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

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1 thought on “Animation triggering while hovering the graph

  1. Note, initial animations still work on a chart with these options.
    i got this from the following stackoverflow- other solutions didn’t work for me…this does
    UPDATE: newest Chart.js has re-bundled the way hover is ‘listened’ for:

    var myChart = new Chart(canvas, {
    options: {
    events: []

    making the ‘events’ option an empty list (instead of [‘click’, ‘hover’, etc]) makes the chart ‘blind’/static because it will be listening for no events.

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