After pulling new changes “nuxt-ts build” command works only after rebooting server.


  • nuxt: 2.13.2
  • node: 10.18.1


Additional Details

Steps to reproduce

Create app via yarn create nuxt-app app-name. Choose typescript, axios, jest.
Install following depedencies:

  • @nuxtjs/google-analytics
  • nuxt-i18n

Install following dev depedencies:

  • sass-loader
  • node-sass

Run command nuxt-ts build and wait until build ends. Check if everything works corretly by running nuxt-ts start

What is Expected?

  • Correct build of client and server side ( works on my pc )

What is actually happening?

  • nuxt-ts build command builds only client side and then ends build before starting server side by just throwing Done ... s. No errors are shown in console.

Why am I reporting?

  • This issue happend to me evertime I pull new changes and try to build them. When it happend first time I just rebooted the server and it worked. So why is it a problem? On this server are also other websites and rebooting it casues their downtime, its just annoying thing to do everytime I want to pull new changes. I tried renaming nuxt.config.js to nuxt.config.ts and again everything works perfectly on my pc but on server I have to reboot it so it can build correctly. I have no clue what is a casue of this but I’m happy to help to fix this issue so maybe other people won’t have this problem.

I almost forgot one more thing. Before when dev command was nuxt dev after building app on my pc I couldn’t run even nuxt because of Unexpected token export error. I’ve changed nuxt to nuxt-ts and it works right now properly.

This issue might somhow refer to this issue: #7643

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