Add support for boostrap v3

As bootstrap 4 is in alpha state, I don’t want to start development with bootstrap v4. I tried latest alpha.1.0.0-alpha.10 version. But it doesn’t seems to be working.

Plunkr Here

In above plunkr I changed CSS reference to bootstrap version 3.3.7

Angular: 2.1.0
ng-bootstrap: alpha.1.0.0-alpha.10
Bootstrap: 3.3.7


There should be a configurable setting option by which I can set which bootstrap version I want to target. Also please suggest how can I do the same thing in current version.

2 thoughts on “Add support for boostrap v3

  1. @pkozlowski-opensource I would likely adopt your team’s decisions as well, were I in that position. And, I am anxious to switch to v4.

    I just thought I would share our experience. We have been favouring for this reason. We have an existing theme, which we purchased from the Bootstrap team — mostly to support them. It replaced our Metronic theme. So, we are faced with the theme migration anyway. We see switching from an ng2-bootstrap library to another as an additional, difficult refactoring.

    We do think about changing to v4 now, but it would be a lot smoother — for us, were you also supporting v3. I don’t expect you to, but it would have been perfect for us.

    It is always amazing how long it takes for projects to release, take Angular 2 for example. I laugh at myself for writing the Bootstrap theme guys last March that they should release a version based on beta 4, thinking a release must be “just around the corner” 🙂