4 thoughts on “Add JSDoc documentation to Webpack 2

  1. I believe converting to strict typing would be a different topic here. The main idea is to start adding basic documentation within the code.

    Flow is nice to have, I do agree with @gajus . However, consider the effort needed for the transformation, it only brings huge benefits to webpack developers and offer less to the normal webpack users.

    JSDoc are easier and faster to implement. and both users and developers can enjoy the advantages.

    • Type definition is optional in JSDoc, much easier to write
    • Javadoc like syntax, don’t have to learn Flow to write
    • Selectively documents parts of the code (most important first) and cover more later
    • In the future when the time is right, existing JSDoc can be transformed to Flow with less work too
  2. I would love to implement JSDOC for webpack. Our only hurdle is that our code is run as is via node. That is to say that we do not transpile our SRC when the user uses it. So although I see the obnoxious benefits, we can’t jump to it just yet without already pursuing some sort of build process which doesn’t exist today.

  3. I know this is closed, however, is there another solution to have documentation generated from the comments in the code and it works with webpack?

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