2 thoughts on “Add camera to scene?

  1. @scganterh You do not have to add the camera to any scene.

    However, if you add a point light, for example, as a child of the camera, then you will want to add the camera as a child of the scene.

    You can also add the camera as a child of another object if you want.

  2. At a guess, it looks like by using push, which is a javascript function, instead of add, which is a method of THREE.Object3D, you are circumventing any lines of code that would have removed the pointlight from the first scene.

    Essentially you are using a non-threejs approach to adding the pointlight to the second scene – which then breaks some of the threejs intended functionality.

    There’s nothing wrong with this of course – except you might run afoul of some behind-the-scenes functionality that is depending on that .add method being used. Some things may not function the way you’d expect them to, probably things that seem wholly unrelated to that pointlight.

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