(8P) Premium Blocks: Add Upgrade banner to Placeholder

Instead of the upgrade nudge, let’s add a banner to the placeholder that lets users upgrade their plan.

When clicking on the right-hand button, users should be taken to the checkout flow for the required plan: https://wordpress.com/checkout/{SITE}/premium#step2
To do that, we should

Screenshot / Video


See 123-gh-dotcom-manage

1 thought on “(8P) Premium Blocks: Add Upgrade banner to Placeholder

  1. Do you have details such as height, font-size, icon size, etc? The following shows how looks the current implementation.

    • Font size is 14px
    • Container height is 48px within the block
    • The icon will be removed as per new feedback, so disregard that for now.

    what’s the area used to click on and thus redirects the user to the checkout? I’ve defined the chevron button, but maybe it’s the whole banner?

    The chevron is being swapped for a button to align with the sidebar.

    This screenshot should be a good indicator of where this bar is heading. Color may shift but the rest of the parameters should remain the same.
    Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 9 08 51 AM

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