4.18.0 release

It seems there was once 4.18.0 but it doesn’t exist anymore.

At least we have an entry in our lockfile.

express@^4.16.3, express@^4.17.1:
  version "4.18.0"
  resolved "https://registry.verdaccio.org/express/-/express-4.18.0.tgz#be2f777085cfe02c35a102f7c2ec0b0607488feb"
  integrity sha512-lRt69EvHaSDr9EkmDTGtcMROHo6M+2zy6yNusWD+1dbAgvte15N62ZYIcBy7BU14yS7msjwwpSQ9ssTCKkNqWg==

What happened there?


Author: Fantashit

3 thoughts on “4.18.0 release

  1. As an update here (mainly for @wesleytodd) I go a response from npm that there has never been a 4.18.0 published to their registry for the express module, not even one that was published and then unpublished. They track the unpublishes as once a version is published, unpublishing will still block the use of publishing again under that same version number.

  2. Yea. Honestly I was a bit worried that perhaps it was some kind of security issue somewhere. Express being a large target it is always something on m mind.

  3. hi, digging a bit more on this topic, I would like to confirm this was just a big miss-understanding. I just checked the blog post and one of the pictures you can observe v4.18.0 which was just merely for demonstration purpose, even jQuery is on v4.0.0 (which do not exists). I will advocate our maintainers to do not use the registry for these matters in the future which can easily corrupt our registry and create issues like this one.

    Sorry for the confusion and have a happy new year 🎉 .

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