2.0 – Stacked horizontalBar Tooltips Display Bug

Hey all,

I think I’ve stumped upon a bug with how stacked horizontal bar tool tips are being displayed (see images below). Both of these charts hold identical data. The only difference is one type is set to horizontalBar vs bar (see config value below).
The vertical version (correct):
The horizontal version (incorrect):

options config object:

Assumed Functionality:
I would assume that regardless of vertical/horizontal that the tool tips would be the same.

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “2.0 – Stacked horizontalBar Tooltips Display Bug

  1. @zachpanz88 Ah, sorry! I did not see that one when I searched. Thank you!

    @etimberg Awesome, I will probably just wait until that is released.

    Thanks to you both for your continued support and hard work on this library. It is awesome!

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